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Please explain...

multi point controllers and instrument patches. your help file barely touches on this.

Re: Please explain...

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I have version 1.30d and there is a heap of on-line help available by getting up the dialog (by pressing "L" or Choosing Insert | Multipoint Controller from the menu), and then pressing the [HELP] button.

It has more info than what I could care to type in here.

If you do have more questions, though, please ask again.


Re: Please explain...

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I spent two months writing a piano sonata on noteworthy composer that I had saved about 200 times, but when I tried to bring it up today, all that came up was a single, black staff.

Re: Please explain...

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A piece of music I composed using NWC that I had saved many times has been deleted from my computer, although the filename is still intact, and a blank staff still appears. It was one of my better compositions and I think it may still be somewhere in the machine.

If anyone has any knowledge of how I might go about finding it in the machine, please let me know.

Re: Please explain...

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Maybe you saved you file with an older (1.21 ?) version than the one you try to open it with. The last version (1.51a) is now correct, but a previous one (1.50 ?) did what you describe. To be sure, try to look (without saving!!) at your score in raw format. If you can find it it the text items that you should, and if the file has not a null length, try to upgrade to the last version if not yet done.
Hint: to look at ANY type of file, you can use WindowsCommander which replaces explorer, winfile, zip programs and ftp all at once. I use it for its grand convenience. You can freely download it at : it is a shareware that I guess any one who tries it wants to register. As NWC :-)

Hope this helps.