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Toolbar Placement
How do I place the toolbars where I want them?  I can grab them at the end but when I try to drop them where I want they don't go there.

Re: Toolbar Placement
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Hi JB,
I'm not having any problem with this...

When I click on the toolbar to move it my cursor changes to a 4 headed arrow, I drag around the screen and an outline follows.  If I drop the toolbar anywhere outside the dock it just sits where I put it, otherwise I can put it back in the dock and it will position next to the previous toolbar, either to the left or right depending on where in relation to the other toolbar I drop it.
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Re: Toolbar Placement
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It may help to know that CTRL+click will undock a docked toolbar.
For an undocked toolbar, CTRL+drag will move it and leave it undocked.

I get a bit of screen flicker with these operations, which is distracting ...
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