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Drag & drop of a link
I just discovered that the drag & drop of a lnk file on NWC doesn't work:
NoteWorthy Composer does not recognize the file type 'lnk', so it is unable to open the file.
Clicking on it works perfectly.

Not a big problem, only a bit surprised.

Re: Drag & drop of a link
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This appears to be the list:
Quote from: NWC2.exe
.lua .mid .midi .rmi .kar .smf .sng .seq .NWCTXT .NWC .NTW .nwc.bak .nwctxt.bak
I have not tested all these. In the past, I have tested: .Lua .mid .midi .rmi .kar .NWCTXT .NWC
Perhaps, FAQ - File formats supported in NWC is the official list.
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Re: Drag & drop of a link
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Well, I was thinking about something in the OS very simple and transparent, like the flag OFN_NODEREFERENCELINKS...