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Note being sustained throughout playback
I'm doing an arrangement for 7 instruments.  I have 2 questions.

When I play the arrangement, there is a sustained note which plays throughout the playback.  I can't isolate if it is related to any of the lines I am writing, or if the problem is quite separate.  Any suggestions?

Also, how does one notate for untuned percussion?

All help appreciated.  R

Re: Note being sustained throughout playback
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A "stuck" note might be caused by a tie that doesn't end...  I.E. a not is tied, but the destination note for the tie doesn't exist (wrong pitch), or a "Pedal Down" with no "Pedal Up"

You can try playing each staff by using <Shift+F5> to isolate the stuck note to a particular staff.

OR, it may be that you have a hidden staff (see |Page Setup|Contents tab) which has the problem.

Notating for untuned percussion?  Use channel 10 for the staff - To see what's what, open the sample file DRUMREF.NWC (|File|Open Sample...|Drumref.nwc)

Some synth's also have additional percussion capability, but you need to know more about your synth in order to use it.  This is where iTree's become invaluable as they help set the MIDI parameters for the patch without having to look 'em up all the time.
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