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This tool inserts a chord of muted grace notes at the cursor position.
This ‘range chord’ contains the highest and lowest note found in the selection or, if nothing is selected, in the part of the active staff after the cursor position.
Accidentals and Key Signatures are taken into account.

You can download the tool from the attached file or my website:
Don't forget to change the extension to '.js'.

To Install in NoteWorthy:
- Open a NoteWorthy File
- Choose ‘Tools’, ‘User Tool…’ or enter Alt-F8
- Click ‘New…’
-  Enter the name of the tool and choose a group or enter the name of a new group
- Command Line: “Wscript YourScriptsFolder\OGNoteRanges.js <PROMPT:Option:=|Create_Range_Chord|Help>”
-  Input Type: File Text
- Under ‘Options: Uncheck ‘Returns File text’
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