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Dynamics, Velocity and Volume

If you want to know all about dynamics, velocity and volume, you should read Tina Billet's document on the NWC Scriptorium (If you get "Forbidden File Access", copy the link into a new browser window.)

It also describes how to change the default dynamics to vary in volume rather than velocity, so that crescendo and decrescendo not only effect the loudness of each note at the start, but also varies while the note is playing. It contains a formula for calculating the right dynamic volumes, using the wanted Velocities and maximum staff volume. It then describes how to change the dynamics using the built in User Tool adp_GlobalMod.This tool is to be executed for each staff individually. That's because at the time the document was made, User Tools could only work on 1 staff at a time.

In the present version  of NWC2 a User Tool can work on an entire file (Input Type 'File Text'). So I have tried to make it somewhat easier. It takes a few additonal steps, but they have to be done only once , or once per existing NWC file. So here is what I suggest:
1.   Decide what for you are the ideal Velocities (DynVel) and Channel Volume.  You can set the velocities by making your own itree, as explained in Tina Billet's document. This is to be done only once.
2.   If you want it to take effect on an existing NWC file, you should do this via the Staff Properties, Instrument Tab. You may also want to change the Channel Volume (Midi Tab). This is to be done only for the top staff. You can then copy and paste the new Volumes and Velocities using my tool 'CopyVolVel.js'.
3.    Then use my tool 'SetDynVol.js' to change the Dynamic Volumes,  according to Tina's formula "(Velocity * default volume)/highest dynamic velocity" for calculating the required volume of a specific dynamic.

That's what you can do for your existing NWC files. Next you can make your own custom Dynamics selector that you can use when making a new NWC file:
1.   Move your mouse cursor over the Dynamics selector, rightclick and choose "Customize...". The selector file will open.
2.   Save a copy: go to 'File'/'Save as..." in your Config Folder (*) and choose a non existing name of the form '10#.nwc', where # = 0, a, b, c, d, e or f (100.nwc being selector 11, ... 10f.nwc selector 16).
3.   Do step 2 and 3 above on this file.
4.   If you want to use a specific short cut key, say 'v' (for volume), change the title from "Dynamics Selector (&d)" to "Dynamics Selector (&v)"
(*) If you don't know where to find your Config Folder, go to 'Tools/Options...' and select the 'Foldesr' tab

In attachment, you find the 2 tools mentioned above. Don't forget to change the extansion to '.js' after downloading.
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Re: Dynamics, Velocity and Volume

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That's doing pretty close to what my latest user tool does.  If you don't want it to do the whole staff, just select the part you want it to change first.  I start with the default velocities but they can be changed with the 2nd prompt or permanently by modifying the prompt in the script.
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Re: Dynamics, Velocity and Volume

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Seems we both are doing similar things, Warren.
I noticed your tool swaps the velocity and volume values. I used Tina Billet's formula to calculate the volumes.
Let's leave it to the forum readers to choose which suits them the best.

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