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NWCVer.vbs - Utility to check versions

A little utility I wrote some time go to check the versions of my NoteWorthy programs.

To use it:
  • download the attached file
  • remove ".txt" from the end of the filename
  • right click on it and select Open

You can also run it with CScript from the Command Prompt.
With WinXP, my results look look like this:
NoteWorthy Composer 2  NWC2.exe  nwmid95c.dll  nwmid95c.dlt  Uninstall.exe

NoteWorthy Composer 2 Viewer  NWC2View.exe  nwmid95c.dll  nwmid95c.dlt  Uninstall.exe

NoteWorthy Composer  NWC32.EXE  NWMID32B.DLL  NWMID95B.DLL  NWMID95B.DLT

NoteWorthy Player  (not installed)

NoteWorthy Composer Browser Plug-in  npnwcw32.dll

Winamp Plug-in  in_nwc.dll
Win98 results are:
NoteWorthy Composer 2  nwc2.exe  Uninstall.exe  nwmid95c.dlt  nwmid95c.dll

NoteWorthy Composer 2 Viewer  NWC2View.exe  nwmid95c.dll  nwmid95c.dlt  Uninstall.exe

NoteWorthy Composer  NWC32.EXE  NWMID32B.DLL  NWMID95B.DLL  NWMID95B.DLT

NoteWorthy Player  NWPlayer.exe  NWMID32B.DLL  NWMID95B.DLL  NWMID95B.DLT

NoteWorthy Composer Browser Plug-in  npnwcw32.dll

Winamp Plug-in  (not installed)
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Re: NWCVer.vbs - Utility to check versions

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I find this attachment easier to use.
With my configuration, all I need do is click on the zip attachment and select Open.
The contents of the zip file pops up. Double-clicking on 'NWCVer.vbs' results in a version display.
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Re: NWCVer.vbs - Utility to check versions

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NoteWorthy has changed the location of the 'Browser Plug-in'. Any browser plug-in shown may be out of date.
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