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Printing advice

I have written out a jazz piano practice lick in all keys on 24 staves. However, I am only able to print out one page, which is about half the text.

There is maybe something in the page set up that says the work is to be condensed into one page as it says 1 at the top of the page and does not go to a page 2.  Your advice please on how I can print out the whole of the text.

GEoff (London)

Re: Printing advice

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I would put it all on one staff, with a system break at each key change. Place a system break by highlighting the appropriate barline, press <Alt+Enter> to get to the properties dialogue then press <Alt+F> or click in the system break checkbox (on the "bar" tab)

Multiple staves are intended for multiple instruments, not trying to make a page layout.  The NWC editor is not WYSIWYG.

When you print it the staves will wrap when the page width has been reached - you can force it earlier by using the forced system break as described above.  To see what the layout will look like, use print preview.
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Re: Printing advice

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Thanks for your helpful reply. I will give it a go.