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I have created a tool for adding rubato to a song in NWC.  Between the first two tempo markings, the base tempo will gradually increase or decrease in a linear fashion while being modified by a random function.  If there is no second tempo, the base tempo will be constant.  The user is prompted for the amount of variation, from petty theft to grand larceny.

After copying this to your PC, open NWC and install a new tool.  Use Browse to fill in the path to the file while adding "WScript " (note trailing space) to the beginning of the line and
" <PROMPT:Enter percentage:=*10> <PROMPT:Smooth Transition?:=|Y|N>" to the end.

Please save the file changing the end from .js.txt to .js and the above instructions should work.

Changed attachment.  Changed instructions for prompt.

Replaced attachment (6/11/14) for better random function: Gaussian distribution (bell curve), mean=0, std. deviation=1.
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Re: Rubato

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I have changed this script to allow for gradual transitions, creating rit. or acc. as needed between generated tempo indications.  The new script is in the first message.

When using it, it seems to work better when applied to whole rests in a tempo staff.
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