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MIDI patch values above 127?


I'm using the Yamaha PSR-E333 keyboard connected via USB to my windows computer.

I am attempting to use Voice #398 "Popcorn" from the XGlite section of the pre-installed voices on the Yamaha keyboard.

However, when I attempt to insert a patch in the middle of a track, it inserts patch #98 instead of #398. When I try to insert the patch manually, or change the patch for the entire staff, I get an error message: value out of range. How might I work around this and actually get they keyboard to playback this staff with the Popcorn synth? Currently it will play back the staff, but in the wrong voice. From looking around the forums, it seems like an iTree would be the easiest way to solve the problem, though I haven't been able to find any preexisting ones for this keyboard, nor do I know enough about iTrees to get around the error if I were to write one myself.

Any and all help is welcome! I am a bit lost here!

Re: MIDI patch values above 127?

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You might try the Yamaha XG Tree.
It contains this definition:
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Re: MIDI patch values above 127?

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Thank you very much!
I figured it was a relatively easy fix; I'm a bit embarrassed I didn't make that connection. I feel like writing will be easier for me in general now, too. Thanks again!