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Download this PIANO.NWC, the ideal dynamics!

My ppp dynamics in NWC were inaudible, so i set myself to configure the ideal dynamic ratio for the eight dynamics offered in the noteworthy composer template directory which turned out to be 13.1 while PPP=35 & fff still 127 the highest dynamic velocity. I've included the PIANO.NWC template to replace the official one in the templates directory of your noteworthy composer along with an example file for your personal judgment but i think you will find that this new configuration in the staff properties & instrument tab will not only allow the ppp to sound as it was meant to sound or sound at all, but that the overall dynamic proportion is smoother & mathematically ideal amongst a very few others but i found ppp to equate 35 is just right & that 127 is the only mathematical flaw as it was increased by a dynamic velocity of 14 while the rest from ppp=35 to ff was 13 therefore for the most part symmetrical. I will as of today begin to use this new configuration & i hope this is of some use to you all noteworthy musicians. Thanks!
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Re: Download this PIANO.NWC, the ideal dynamics!

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Well, thank you for your suggestion.
But things are not so simple.
The attached article is a bit old but can explain why.

Unless, of course, in the meantime the sound card (and instruments) producers found an agreement... :-)

Re: Download this PIANO.NWC, the ideal dynamics!

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I have carried out a similar experiment comparing dynamic output from Volume. Expression and Velocity on my soundcard.

In preparing MIDI files I use:-
Volume for track balance (0ne controller per channel).
Expression for dynamics, swells and fades with sustaining instruments.
Velocity for all accents and dynamics on non-sustaining instruments.

I anyone is interested the results are in the file DYNAMIC.pdf
Download from here:-

Re: Download this PIANO.NWC, the ideal dynamics!

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Thanks quite a lot Flurmy for the info i did not take into account. I found your soundcard data quite interesting, it seems that the PCI128 & SB16 were the closest to my Realtek soundcard & NWC2 configuration output. I had no idea it was more complex than mere dynamic velocities but i guess it works exclusively for my PC so far or anyone with a realtek for the sake of more technical arguments regarding softwares other than NWC. I have an SB Audigy but i had problems with the need for both the soundfont manager & EAX effects simultaneously so i resorted to my realtek.  Garry, i also did not consider volume & expression parameters than just dynamics a total of 3 important variables. I found the blue designations in your chart very close to mine. Thank you both for the needed info, i am now less blinded.
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