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[un]synchronized playback with master repeats

My problem: on the 2nd ending to the song being played back, the top staff plays (and is highlighted), but the bottom staff isn't highlighted, yet is playing something from I don't know where in the score. It isn't synchronized, but only on this second and last ending to the end of the song. In addition; in the 2. ending if I were to highlight the bottom staff, it will play what is written, but the top staff doesn't play at the same time.

I can only think I've pressed a key or clicked something without knowing about it that is doing this, because I've done the same 1. 2. endings with master repeats on another song and have had no problems like this.

I'm not playing back through the midi keyboard (I'm still learning about all this stuff and am keeping it simple right now...). For the time being I'm just using 'Maestro WaveSynth' for my playbacks - I've searched the archives and the one message that had something related to this wasn't the same thing.

I hope this makes sense - and I hope someone has an idea of what I can undo to try and fix it - I've tried re-inputting the second staff notes, as that seems to be the problem staff, but it hasn't helped.

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Re: [un]synchronized playback with master repeats

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Thanks ~ I'd forgotten to put in the first ending (!) I guess after 3am I was a bit fuzzy... all's well.