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Improvements to Viewer 2.5.6a

Thank you very much Eric for the recent improvements culminating in Viewer Version 2.5.6a.

It's now an ideal user-friendly facility for use by choral groups to play back nwc-based training aids, and my choral-singing colleagues are delighted with it.


Re: Improvements to Viewer 2.5.6a

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Heartily seconding Bill's comments.  The Viewer is excellent.

Humble opinion, the NWC Viewer is superior to brands F and S.  Any direct input read conversion in the works?


Re: Improvements to Viewer 2.5.6a

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The new version is fantastic--it's come a long way from a long running thread on the topic from over two years ago.

Once again, many thanks.
Since 1998

Re: Improvements to Viewer 2.5.6a

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I'll add my plaudits too. Singing for a univerity choir, the music department default notation program is S. I am really pleased to say that the viewer has now made substantial and the music director now supports the viewer for the choristers as a rehearsal aid.