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Magnificat by César Cui
Hello folks,
Can anyone help me find a midi or nwc of this work, please?  It's also known as Song of the Most Holy Theotokos, and is Opus 93.  Our choir is learning it and I'm making learning aids in the form of part-enhanced midis, but I'm trying to avoid having to input the whole thing manually - it's rather large!  Many thanks in advance for any help anyone can give.

Re: Magnificat by César Cui
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   Hi, Weaver91.

   I can't help you - I've looked around but found nothing - but, if you do find it, and/or key it all in, perhaps you'd "lend" me your NWC Files so that I can put the Work up on my Site - - and thus provide assistance to those who follow.

   MusicJohn, 15/Sep/12

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Re: Magnificat by César Cui
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If you have a good printed score of the work,
it may be worthwhile to invest in SHARPEYE,
scan and edit in SHARPEYE - export to XML and import to NWC.

Re: Magnificat by César Cui
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   Hi again, Weaver91.

  The recording of this Work that I' ve listened to is about 9.5 minutes long, so I assume the score is about 25-30 pages.

  Give me a copy of the score - a real, hard copy - and out of the kindness of my heart I'll key it in for you.  It should take me less than a week.

  MusicJohn, 16/Sep/12

Re: Magnificat by César Cui
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That's very kind of you, MusicJohn, but the copy is on hire and I can't take the chance of it getting lost in the post. Many thanks for the offer anyway, and if I do manage to get it all done I'll send you a copy.

Re: Magnificat by César Cui
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Thanks, Haymo, but can't afford $160, times are hard.

Re: Magnificat by César Cui
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   Hi again, Weaver91

   Pity ... you can buy the real thing, in Rutter's "Oxford English Classics; Christmas Motets" see http-//, for a mere £8.95 plus postage.

   Still ... never mind.  Practise hard, sing well!

   MusicJohn, 21/Sep/12

Re: Magnificat by César Cui
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Hello again, MusicJohn,
At last have completed the input, if you let me have your email address I'll send you a copy.  Please note it does not include dynamics, dynamic variations, etc., or words, just the bare bones which I use in making the part-enhanced midis.

Re: Magnificat by César Cui
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I got your e-mail; we have communicated [:-)]

MusicJOhn, 23/Sep/12