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Multi-measure rest - playback options
The multi-measure rest is a very handy feature, a specially in combination with the collapsing staff option in the boundary change command.

But what I miss is an option where one could specify that a MMR should be handled as a single measure when played back (and in the viewer), in the case where all the played staves contain MMR's.

This would be very useful for the rehearsal files I create for my choir. I make several files, one for each voice (TTBB) and 1 for ALL voices.

Now one has either to wait in silence till the MMR is fully played, or stop, click behind the MMR and then restart.

Moreover, since some of the choir members use an Apple, I also create midi-files. In that case there's only silence during the MMR. So this option should also be used for exporting to midi-files.

I don't think I am the only one that should find this option usefull.
Or am I?
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Re: Multi-measure rest - playback options
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You might want to make a copy of that file and undo the MMR's and collapse commands, see a related thread.  When preparing a training file (nwc/mid), delete all but 1 or 2 measures of a specific part for EVERYBODY when the part you are working on has a long rest.  E.g., if Tenor II is out between measures 30 and 50, remove 30-48 for all parts when creating a training file for that part (dynamics and/or stereo pan).  That will give them time to turn the page(s) and hear cues from other parts.

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Re: Multi-measure rest - playback options
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I do something similar with long rests for rehearsal files: I fill them with hidden bars and 64th rests so that the measure numbers stay right. Thank you, nwc, for allowing incomplete measures. BTW, I know you can exclude bars from the bar count, but you still cannot reset or jump measure numbers in the middle of the piece, right?

Re: Multi-measure rest - playback options
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Why not just stick in some temporary tempo changes either side of the MMR?

750 bpm seems to be the current max.
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Re: Multi-measure rest - playback options
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Thanks for your responses !
I'll follow Lawrie's advise
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