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Clef insertion
Hello everone!
I'm now using V2.54 and found a different behavior from V2.1.
When I insert a clef on the way of the staff, it appears in the smaller font. But if inserted just after the bar line, the clef will be in the ordinary font.
Why this occurs? And any way to prevent this?

Re: Clef insertion
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It's correct behaviour.  It's called a change clef, and should be 2/3 the size of a full clef.

Re: Clef insertion
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While a smaller clef may be correct, if you don't want to use one, you can convert it to a full-sized clef by putting an invisible bar line just in front of it.

To make an invisible bar line, press "tab" to make a bar line, then highlight it and check its note properties.  You should set visibility to never, and you might want to exclude it from the bar count.  

Re: Clef insertion
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A change of clef should never be placed immediately after a bar line. If it affects the whole of the next bar then it is placed before the bar line. Otherwise immediately before the first relevant note (and not in front of any intervening rests).

Authorities differ on the precise size of the clef - Alfred suggests 75%.

Re: Clef insertion
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OK, I see. Thanks everyone.
I prefer full size clefs except in case of cue notes. So I'll try to put invisible bar lines before them.