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Multi Measure Rest tool

I'll have a new web page up shortly to create multi measure rests from clipboard data or nwctxt files.  I tested it with Tina Billet's transcription of the moldau.nwc.  Other than the harp part I have made no changes I am aware of.

This is the new link:
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Re: Multi Measure Rest tool

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I recently had to use some measures that were part of a MMR and put together a tool to undo an MMR.  This deletes Boundary Collapse (start and cancel) commands and changes MMRs to the appropriate number of whole rests separated by bar lines.

MMR Undo.

The Undo function is now part of MMR, look for the "Undo" button near the U.R. corner.
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Re: Multi Measure Rest tool

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If the selection on the clipboard ends with a MMR, a final collapse staff cancel command will not be created.  A full score will not end with all systems being displayed if a given system is tacet for a number of measures (at least a line's worth) at the end of a piece.

To do an entire score, there is a repeating pattern to do until all parts are finished.  With only NWC and the MMR page open, start on the top system and then:

Home, Sh/End, Cntl/X, Alt/tab, Cntl/V, Submit key, Cntl/X, Alt/tab, Cntl/V.  If more systems remain do PageDown and repeat.
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Re: Multi Measure Rest tool

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I made a few minor changes in the MMR tool (1st post):  If a bar precedes a MMR, the Collapse command will be inserted before the bar; also the EndCollapse will be placed after the bar following the MMR.

If when printing the conductor score, a part comes in at the beginning of a new system then the preceeding system won't have empty staves in that part.  Also, a part that ends on the final bar of a system before a MMR won't have empty bars displayed on the following system.

Link is in first post.
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Re: Multi Measure Rest tool

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This looks like a great tool...but I don't know how to use it. Any suggestions would be appreciated! I've already installed the User Tool Starter pack.

Re: Multi Measure Rest tool

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This isn't a "tool" you use while you are working in NWC like arpeggiate.  You open the MMR webpage at the same time you are using NWC.  

Look at the top staff of the attachment.

You would press Home then shift/end to select the staff, Cntl/C to copy (on a real file use Cntl/X to cut) it to the clipboard, Alt/tab to get to the webpage, place the cursor in the big textarea then Cntl/V to paste it in.  Now click Submit.  You can put that back in your NWC score with Cntl/X, Alt/tab, and Cntl/V.  Paste that back into the bottom staff of the attachment and it should look like the middle staff.

If you need to back out some MMRs, cut the staff into the textarea and click on Undo.  Other instructions are as above.

Edited change: Copy top staff to clipboard so you can see what it "looked like" before change.  On a live file, save it first then use Cntl/X to cut it instead.
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Re: Multi Measure Rest tool

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Ah! Thank you!