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Re: percussion drumkit tree

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They're synth specific...  Not all synths have all the same kits and some have them in slightly different places.

Below I've listed the Yamaha XG standard kits and the General User GS kits (at least the opnes I have info about)

Yamaha XG (use the bank info to use ANY channel for a kit OR use Channel 10 and leave the bank blank
Standard Kit=0,Bank(127,0)
Standard Kit 2=1,Bank(127,0)
Room Kit=8,Bank(127,0)
Rock Kit=16,Bank(127,0)
Electro Kit=24,Bank(127,0)
Analog Kit=25,Bank(127,0)
Jazz Kit=32,Bank(127,0)
Brush Kit=40,Bank(127,0)
Symphony Kit=48,Bank(127,0)

General User GS
Std. Drums=0
Std. Dr. 2=1
Room Drums=8
Power Drums=16
Electronic Drums=24
TR-808909 Drums=25
Dance Drums=26
Jazz Drums=32
Brush Drums=40
Orchestral Perc.=48
SFX Kit=56
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