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Software appearance issue

I like to use high contrast colors, so in my Windows XP machine I have chosen in the Display Properties > Appearance > Windows and buttons : Windows Classic Style, Color Scheme: Windows Standard, Advanced > Item: 3D Objects, Color 1: deep purple for background and Color 2: white for the text.

Now, if for example in NWC2 I open Tools > Options... > Editor tab, the text of the labels is black and on the dark background it's very difficult to read. The same is true with all the dialogs. The mistake is that they haven't assigned background color, so the Windows 3D Objects background is used, but they have assigned labels text color (black), instead of allowing the Windows 3D foreground color to be used again.

Also I wish more appearance options for toolbar buttons were available. I have in mind OOo, that provides different sizes and styles of the buttons. I wouldn't ask for many, but 1 or 2 more would be nice.