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Greek & Cyrlic lyrics

I was able to use greek and cyrilic lyrics with no problem until a couple years ago.  I finally figured out how I did it. 
With windows XP go to Start, Control Panel, "Date, Time, Language and Regional Options",Add other languages.
Under Languages tab click Details to add Greek, Russian or other keyboards.
Here's the trick:
The Advanced tab has the selection for "Language for non-Unicode programs"
I selected Greek and now I can enter greek lyrics and it works (make sure you select the correct lyric font script)

Re: Greek & Cyrlic lyrics

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I cannot quite follow your instructions in Windows 7. I found Russian fonts, installed them, and tried to select them as user fonts. That did not work.
Going to Regional options (Windows 7) is a bit different, yes) I could add Russian keyboard, but the outcome is still the same. Question marks in NWC2 lyrics.
Er... help?

Re: Greek & Cyrlic lyrics

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The answer to this question (whatever the non-western-European language involved) is always the same: NWC does not support Unicode. Perhaps you can find a TrueType font that maps Cyrillic characters to Latin characters, and choose that font as your lyric font in NWC. You could then type Latin characters into the text entry box in NWC and have them come out as Cyrillic characters in the lyrics. The words in the text entry box would look a bit odd - basically, random collections of letters - but it should be possible. Don't know if such a font is available, though.