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learning music
For our choir I created some songs into NWC. What is the best way to distribute/display these files onto a website. All choirmembers have to learn the music from that file.
When I display the file as a .NWC-file onto the website, people can hear the music of the entire music, but it isn't possible to listen to the measures numbered 37-80
When I export the .NWC-files onto a .MID-file, people doesn't see the music score at the same time they are listening.

Some people tried to install NWC onto their computer, but only listening and viewing is not possible in the NOT-registered version.

What is the best way?

Re: learning music
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Please check out this thread for a free viewer.  They can use a scroll bar to select where the song will start playing.

Since you have several parts, you might want to create different versions for them such as playing only the 2nd alto at full volume or putting first tenor on the right speaker and everything else on the left (check stereo pan after F2 and "midi").

If some people would like the midi file, the vanBasco program can display the lyrics while allowing the user to highlight his/her part.

HTH. Welcome to the forums!

Sorry.  I just discovered you have been here for more than a year.
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Re: learning music
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Hallo Guido,

I'm also distributer of nwc-files for our choir-members. I make from every nwc file a copy for so much times there are staves (SATB). Example: In te copy S I put a pp at the very beginning of the staves ATB. So the sopran can practice at home her own party and can also hear the other parties.
Ditstribution of de nwc-files goes by e-mail. Every member of our choir has a [free] noteworthy viewer at home.
When the file is more than 100 measures I cut it into two (or more) parts and send them separately.

greatings and succes,
Christiaan Boer
Popkoor 4Ever Young
Dalfsen NL