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Tip in connection with BAR LINEs
The official Help about bar lines is:
Bar Line Command
This command adds a standard bar line at the insertion point. This command is most efficiently issued by pressing the <Tab> key from the computer keyboard.

For those who have not discovered it yet:

Try using the "*" of the numeric keypad.

This is where lightning forced me to shut down

As the keys:
   ; , . / * 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 - + <ENTER> <UP> <DOWN> <LEFT> <RIGHT> <DELETE> <BACK SPACE>
and the  <Ctrl> on the right of my keyboard,
are ALL comfortably within the reach of my Right Hand,
I use the mouse with my LEFT hand, after having swapped the buttons, 
so that  CLICK is with the Left index finger.

The result:
During keyboard entry of notation, my RH  does the majority of the work,
whilst the left hand, using the mouse, selects insertion points, and the occasional item which would've needed both hands on the keyboard (or for which no keyboard short cut is available.)

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