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Notes stay blue after removing chord member
After removing a chord member (which was black to begin with) all the remaining elements are now blue and will NOT change colors unless I remove the note entirely and re-enter it.  Is this a bug?

Re: Notes stay blue after removing chord member
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I suspect you're experiencing the difference between an active and an inactive staff.

If you don't already have a second staff in your score add one, then move to it.  You'll notice the original staff and all its notes and rests turn black and the staff you move to becomes blue.

The colour settings can be changed,  but blue seems to be the default.

This colour behaviour aids in editing but everthing will be black when you print. 

If you want to print in colour, you can set the note colours by select the note(s), pressing Control and E simultaneously, and picking a colour in the Visibility tab of the popdown menu.