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Quick Tip - Rest Characters

Some current threads are dealing with publishing, particularly with refence to doubling up of parts. It is not possible to have a note with rest 'chord' where the rest is the same length as the chorded note so it might be useful to know that the NWC15 font family of rests are given by lower case characters 'l' through 'r'. Set a user font to NWC 15 and insert the text at the required staff position with 'preserve width' unchecked.

Re: Quick Tip - Rest Characters

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Yeah yeah, I noticed too, but too late - 'reference'

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Oh, I thought I had to learn another word. Never mind...

For Capella font, rests are from "I" (capital i) to "O" (not zero).
for Chopin font, they're "a" to "i" ("b" excepted, it's a "breve" (double whole note))