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adding dotted slurs where lyrics require it in different verses

If you want to add a dotted slur between 2 or more notes, it's quite easy using a font I've created.  The font was created using Corel Draw and simply consists of a series of dots at different heights which replace the lower case characters a to k.  To create the dotted slur simply place the cursor to the left of the last note in the group to be slurred, at the height at which you want the dotted slur to appear, hit x for text entry, select the dots you want, e.g. 'abba' for 2 notes at the same pitch, or 'acdd' for ascending notes, select 'right justified', and 'at next note/bar' for alignment (you may have to use different settings depending on the notes).  In Page Set Up, put the font in 'User 1' font, and select a font size.  I've found that 9 or 10 point works best most of the time.  Use the Print Preview to see whether it looks right because it sometimes looks too short in the entry mode.  I was going to attach a sample, but as I'm not allowed to attach the font to this posting, you wouldn't be able to see the result without the font.  Please mail me if you'd like a copy of the font and a sample using this method.