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installing v2.1
I just reinstalled my machine with windows 7, and now when I tried to reinstall nwc2.1, it seems I'm stuck... I have the original CD for 1.75c, and I have the upgrade file for 2.1. The problem is that the upgrade file requires 2.0 to be installed, and I can't seem to find my installation file for 2.0 anywhere.

What is the procedure to install 2.1 if you only have the 1.75c installation media?

I have another machine with 2.1 installed, and the recently reinstalled machine also had 2.1 before I wiped it. Can the 2.0 upgrade file be downloaded somewhere?

In my download-list in firefox, I found a reference to a file called "setup_nwc2_nwc175cd.exe". That looks just like the thing I'm looking fore but it is no longer on my harddrive :(

Best regards, Jonas Högström

Re: installing v2.1
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The NWC 2.0 and later installers can be found in the NWC2 program files "Setups" sub-folder. If you have not purchased a CD, then you should always make a backup of the program folder, just to be safe. Further details sent by e-mail.