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Ubuntu Desktop Linux

You can run NoteWorthy Composer 2, or the free NoteWorthy Composer Viewer, from Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop Linux.

After performing a default install of Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop Linux, you need to perform a few more steps. From the desktop, select Applications->Add/Remove, then add the following packages:

  • Wine: Quoting from WineHQ: "Wine is a translation layer (a program loader) capable of running Windows applications on Linux and other POSIX compatible operating systems."  Wine enables you to run the NWC install/setup programs on Linux using its translation layer. After you run our installer setup program, you will then be able to run the actual NWC applications from your Linux/Ubuntu desktop, or from the Wine application menu.

  • Timidity: TiMidity++ is a software synthesizer that allows you to play back within NWC on Linux without the need for a real hardware based MIDI synthesizer.

The best way to install and configure TiMidity++ for play back with NWC and its Viewer is to follow this guide:

Finally, you need to select the TiMidity++ port for use in NWC play back. In NWC2, this is done from Tools, Options, Midi. Select only the first TiMidity++ port into the "Devices used by play back" box. In the NWC Viewer, you do this from Tools, Options using the "Play back device" drop down box.

Although it generally just works, there are still a few performance issues that can cause problems when working with NWC2 on Linux/Wine. We recommend that you avoid the keyboard shortcuts in the NWC2 tabbed dialogs (use the mouse instead). The Ctrl+Page Up/Down shortcuts seem to cause particular problems.

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There is a recent (30 April 2009) addition to the Wine Application Database, for Ubuntu 9.04 running Wine 1.1.20 (current latest vsn).

Link to Wine AppDB entry,

This gives NWC a *Gold* rating, meaning that some setup is required but otherwise NWC runs OK.  There is the known issue of "double tabbing" in the dialogs, but this is not a serious problem (any chance of getting this fixed, if it's a NWC-specific problem?).

I've used this set up and it works fine.  Very reliable.

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It would be nicer if the sourcecode were free so that we could port it to native linux.

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It is possible to run NWC on much less resource-hungry Linux distros than Ubuntu. I have used NWC with Puppy Linux on a very outdated laptop (400 MHz Dell, 128 M RAM), and everything worked, except the playback was intermittent, as far as I remember.

NWC on Ubuntu Linux/Wine


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The user tool starter kit can't be installed in Wine.

I have had no problem executing scripts already distributed as .exe files, but the default .php files won't run without Where can I download a copy of this file?

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The user tool starter kit can't be installed in Wine.

Second try and it worked... It may have helped to use winetricks to install vcruntime, rather than download it manually.

Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop Linux

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Setting up Ubuntu 14.04 for use with NoteWorthy Composer and the NoteWorthy Composer Viewer is generally a simple task. I recommend using the terminal to install the necessary packages. If you are using an older version of NWC, then the following packages should be all that is needed to get started:

Code: [Select · Download]
sudo apt-get install wine ttf-mscorefonts-installer gnome-exe-thumbnailer timidity

I originally tried to install Wine from the Ubuntu Software Center. This caused problems, probably due to license prompts in the mscorefonts package. If this happens to you, you might need to reinstall the mscorefonts, like so:

Code: [Select · Download]
sudo apt-get --purge --reinstall install ttf-mscorefonts-installer gnome-exe-thumbnailer

NoteWorthy Composer 2.75 Requires Wine 1.7

The default Wine 1.6 stable release includes some buggy support libraries that break some aspects of NWC 2.75. In order to use newer features, such as the Tools, User Objects control panel, you will have to upgrade to Wine 1.7. Instructions can be found on the  WineHQ Download page for Ubuntu.

Ubuntu 16.04

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In Ubuntu 16.04, you can install and run NWC Viewer under Wine using these steps:

  • sudo apt-get install freepats timidity
    (install the necessary timidity software and sounds)
  • winecfg
    (confirm your wine config)
  • wget
    (download the NWC Viewer install package)
  • timidity -iA
    (Launches TiMidity++ as ALSA sequencer client)
  • winefile
    (find and double click the setup_nwc275_viewer.exe to install the viewer)