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NWC to MusicXML converter

I decided to work on nwctxt to MusicXML convertor to open the large library of existing nwc scores to other programs.
My very first result is at :

You just input or upload a nwctxt file and get a MusicXML file in return (if it works)
You can open and edit the resulting file with MuseScore MuseScore is free and open source.

See supported features on the webpage



Re: NWC to real musicXML converter

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I updated the NWC2MusicXML converter with more features.
You can test it at

NWC to MusicXML converter is now open source

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The source code of the NWC txt to MusicXML converter is now open source.
Suggestions are always welcome.

Re: NWC to MusicXML converter

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Greetings lasconic.

Using your converter, I converted a 4-part choral score with Piano accompaniment to XML and then attempted to open it in Muscore and Sibelius 6.

In Muscore it looked almost promising on the first page with a 6 bar (measure) piano intro and empty choral staves.  All clefs, key signatures, time signatures, brackets and dynamics were OK but the piano notation was missing in 3 of the 6 intro bars.  When the choral parts commenced, the piano notation disappeared completely leaving empty grand staves thereafter.

The 4 choral staves appear perfect right to the end, as far as music notation is concerned.  The lyrics hop around between the staves, and there should be 2 lines of lyrics with the top line written in the Welsh language and the bottom line in English.  The top line appears to be complete in all staves but (not unexpectedly) the accented Welsh letters are not reproduced properly.   However the second lyric line stops and starts a great deal, apparently at random.

If we were only considering the choral staves it is a good result, with very little correction required.  But what happened to the piano staves?

Unfortunately, though the result with Sibelius 6 was entirely negative. This window appeared:


When I tried to go on, this window appeared: (See Error1)

(See Error2) This window appeared many times with further attempts to proceed, citing lots of lines in column 9, and later more lines in other columns.

I hope the above may be of some help to you.  In case it is of interest to you I'm attaching the original nwc2 file on which I did the conversion.


Re: NWC to MusicXML converter

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G'day Iasconic,
I apologise for not commenting earlier but I'm quite interested in this project.  I look forward to seeing a fully functional result, especially if you make it possible to convert in both directions.

Thank you.
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Re: NWC to MusicXML converter

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I just found this and used it for the first time. It worked great for my 4-part  barbershop chart! I wish it could capture the tempo variations I encode in the rhythm staff or with breath marks and fermatas.