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Windows 7 Beta build 7000

We have installed and tested NoteWorthy Composer Version 2.0 on the recently released Windows 7 Beta build 7000.

In our limited experiences thus far, NoteWorthy Composer 2 and the NWC Viewer ran successfully. Based on this initial testing, there does not appear to be any new NWC related issues introduced with this release.

For users of NoteWorthy Composer 1.75c, Microsoft continues the strategy from Windows Vista of not incorporating support for "Windows Help" documents in the base install of Windows 7, even though this product is still referred to as "Windows." Access to Windows Help documents requires an extra download and install from the Microsoft web site.

Re: Windows 7 Beta build 7000

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I have tried the same thing but with W7 running in a MS Virtual Machine (I won't install W7 as my main OS yet!) and the issue I discovered was that when a song is playing, the staff lines appear only on the first couple of screens - after scrolling to the right, the notes play but are suspended in mid-air!  This phenomenon remains even after playing has stopped.

My graphics card is a Palit nVidia 9800GT, which is emulated by MS VM as a "VM Additions S3 Trio32/64" adapter, and W7 has 2GB of memory at its disposal.



Re: Windows 7 Beta build 7000

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Can I suggest you check something (Not having or even tested windows 7, this may not be relevant but it is for Vista)

I have an Nvidia graphics card on my laptop and was suffering, at times, almost the the same as you - but not all of the time. Enough to make it annoying and it happened such that the only way out of it was to push the button. Also, this only ever happened with NoteWorthy and it was usually when holding the keys down to go right or left  through the score at speed.

I also noted that most of the time that it happened, although the screen had frozen, the keys were active and so I could do a CTRL S to save the work since the last autosave etc.

What I discovered is that I had another application that did not like 32 bit colour and changed the screen settings to 16 bit colour but did not change it back.

I believe it was this that caused the problem. When I finally suspected that it was a display driver problem and found out about the setting change, changing the setting back to 32 bit colour appears to have completely cured the problem and it hasn't happened to me since (Apart from when I've deliberately set the colour to 16 bit  to re-test and confirm the problem).

May I suggest that you go to the Nvidia Control Panel, Go to the Display tab and then to Change Resolution and check that color (colour) quality is set to 32 bit. If it is not, change it and then see if you still get this problem.

Here's hoping.


Re: Windows 7 Beta build 7000

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This is a driver issue/bug. It was quite common in Windows Vista's first year of release, and has been an issue repeatedly for some drivers through the years.

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