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audition problems

I can´t use either the command F9 (audit curently active score) or the Ctrl + F9 (audit currently active staff) By pushing the playbutton in the window or the F5 I can hear the whole score, but I don´t know how to hear one staff at a time, except by going in and out of the scorebuilder and mute all the other voices, which is quite timeconsuming. The F9 button work alright with all other programmes Could someone help me please? I am a registered user using Version 1.30f Regards! Christian

Re: audition problems

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The problem is in your expectation of what the audit button does.

Audit instructs NWC to go through the stave and fix things like Accelerandos, Diminuendos, tied notes etc, so that they'll play back correctly (and also display correctly).

Unfortunately, for the moment, to mute (and solo) staffs is still only achievable from the Score Builder. This is note quite so bad though, if you click in the list of staves, you can then just use the up and down arrows to move, and the Alt-M keys to toggle muting.

If that is still too hard (and if you have to do it a LOT, I can understand you wanting to streamline it) put in a request to the wish list.


Re: audition problems

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Hello Christian, Audit does not mean Play, but perform an audit, i.e. correct the defects. But your idea of playing just the selected voice is great, and would be very useful for choirs. Then, I pass the idea to Eric, who reads often the forums Regards

Alain Falcoz

Re: audition problems

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Sorry, Andrew, I was too fast, and answered to Christian before reading your message. You said before me the same thing, and in better english...



Re: audition problems

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As others have said, the audit is used to simply clean up some internal data for a staff or score. It makes the key signature match the clef, whole measure rests match the time signature, and stuff like that.

As for mute, we are adding a Mute command to a new menu called Staff. This will be available in the upcoming version 1.31. This might help to speed up your mute actions, although it lacks the overall summary of muted staves that is available in the Score Builder.

You may want to request a "featured play" for just one staff from our wish list.

I hope this helps.