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NWC 1.75C

Hi guys,

Just installed Ubuntu Studio on my laptop and am running NWC under Wine.

It all works fine except not being able to get sound out (which isn't too bad because I use a USB-MIDI device which I can get sound out of), and the more pressing matter of fonts.

Everything is set to the times new roman font but it all comes out strange. Lyrics, Tempos etc. all come out in a font similar to that of windings.

I have the latest version of wine.

Anyone got any ideas?



Re: NWC 1.75C

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I would check to see if NWC's font picker recognizes 'Times New Roman' as an installed font.

To do this, open of of the sample files and try to change one of the font settings. If it looks like the attachment, where the box to the left of the cursor is blank, try selecting a similiar font that you do have. It should not be necessary to save the file to see the change.

If that solves the problem, you will need to research how Wine does 'font substitutions' and how to modify it.

Also, see this <link>.
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