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Help please

Hi, i am fairly new to noteworthy and wondered if there are a few things that i need to use in my music. How do i do the following?:

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The "hairpin" crescendo is available in NWC2 but not in NWC1, you can upgrade at

Two notes on top of each other-if they're in a chord, use Ctrl-Enter to enter additional notes.  If they're not, then use staff layering, which is hard to describe.  See the attached file.  Anyways, someone else will explain it...

I have no idea how to put in an "optional breathmark".

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G'day mt00

As Kahman said, the "hairpin" crescendo is available in NWC2, but not NWC1.

To enter a chord, place the first note using <Enter>, then place the second note using <Ctrl-Enter>.  In the example you provided, this is called a split stem chord.  In this case you also need to set stem direction so:
Place the first note by positioning the cursor in the F space (assuming treble clef) and pressing <Shift-DownArrow> to set the stem direction to down followed by <Ctrl-Enter>.  Next, position the cursor in the C space and press <Shift-UpArrow> to set the stem direction to UP and followed by <Ctrl-Enter> to place the second part of the chord.

Another <Shift-UpArrow> will cancel the stem direction for the next note to be back to normal placement.

If you have a lot of split stem chords like this it can be better to use staff layering.  This is done by entering one "voice" on a staff and setting all the stem directions the one way.  Plenty of options but the one I prefer is to highlight all the affected notes (perhaps the entire staff) and pressing <Ctrl-Up/Down Arrow>.  On the next staff do the same thing but set the stem directions to the opposite.  Go back to the first staff and press <Alt-Enter> to get to the staffs' properties, select the "Visual" tab and make sure "Layer with next staff" is checked.  Click OK.  Now you can toggle the layering function with <Alt-V> <A>.  This opens the "View" menu and toggles the "Allow Layering" option.

For the optional breath mark, I would place a normal breath mark: Insert menu, Tempo variance, Select a "Breath Mark" style and press <Enter>; then place a text expression (press <x> for the dialogue box) that consists of "( )" - a pair of parentheses separated by a space, with the "Expression Placement" set to "Center" at "Next note/bar".  Select "Page Small Text" as the font.
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It's a little unusual to see an optional breath mark, but to ensure it's properly positioned, I'd use a text entry for the comma instead of the tempo variance breath mark

Your first text is the (  ) as Lawrie recommends, and the other is a comma ,.  Using two entries instead of (,) allows you to control the height of the comma between the brackets.

In NWC 1.75 you can create hairpins with text entries - go to and download the file to get the font you need.  Instal it and set it as a User Font in Page Setup.

...but it's easier to upgrade to NWC 2 and just use the supported dynamic variance hairpins.

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Ok thankyou all for helping. I will try them later and then post back it i got it to work :D

I have just downloaded version 2 beta as well :D

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thankyou. i have version 2 now and i have all the things i wanted working :D

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I plays 'Bones, crumpets, coronets, floosgals 'n youfonymums - 'n I'm lernin' tubies now too