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plugin revisited

After all the plugin mess, it seems that today one can put plain, unvarnished .nwc files on a web site, link to them, and if you have noteworthy viewer OR player on the computer and associate the nwc file with that app, then it plays fine without plugin and without strange attempts by the browser to show the file as text.

Stranger still, if you DO have the plugin OR you have Noteworthy Composer associated with .nwc files, then the file will not play with IEx browsers.

What I did was find a computer with NO .nwc knowledge at all, install the Viewer from Noteworthy, then direct the browser via a link to the .nwc files on my web site, whereupon the browser asked what to do with the file and when told to open it in the Viewer and always do that with that type of file, thereafter the plain .nwc files open and play just fine on a computer which never before had any nwc knowledge.

I am still able to play nwc files with an old Netscape 4.75 browser equipped with plugin, so that option is also open, but later versions of Netscape use the IEx engine, and thus are corrupted so they no longer can play nwc files with or without plugins.