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Program Help: Useful Links

NWC2 - NoteWorthy Composer

For the old (2.1) version:

For the old (1.75) version:

Web Tools:

2013Jul12 edit: added Web Tools
2012Jan22 edit: added NoteWorthy Composer 2 User Tools
2011Dec30 edit: added v2.5 User Guide
2011Sep08 edit: added Wish List
2011May13 edit: added Fonts
2011Jan09 edit: removed 1.75 Downloads
2009Jul16 edit: added User Guide
2009May26 edit: added main FAQ
2009May26 edit: changed to 'Common Questions' (from 'Frequently Asked Questions')
2008Nov17 edit: update to NWC2
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Re: Program Help: Useful Links
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Thank you Rick,
this is a very useful summary.

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