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Non listed instruments in the patch list

My keyboard has more instruments than that listed in the patch list on the staff properties.

At the moment if I want to use on of these I have to select it on my keyboard and load NWC. I can then use it though chanel one on the midi out.

Is there an easier way to use my different keyboard sounds than this?

Re: Non listed instruments in the patch list

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This may have been covered in another message but here is what you can do:

In the NWC directory there is a file named ntwpatch.ini, save a copy of this before you begin. Edit this file and add your keyboard type under [Patch Lists] (be sure and add an equal sign after the definition. For example your keyboard might be named "My Keyboard 1600", add an entry called My Keyboard 1600=

Add a new section called [My Keyboard 1600], list the instruments supported by your keyboard sequentially (starting with 00). The section should look like:

[My Keyboard 1600]
Silly String Percussion=
Grand Piano=

You can select the My Keyboard 1600 patch list from the staff properties dialog and select your own instrument list.
Hope this helps.

Remember, if you re-install NWC this file may revert to the original, you probably want to save your work in another file when you are done.

Re: Non listed instruments in the patch list

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This did indeed change the patch list but it doesn't change the voices. It still corasponds with the general midi values.
Is there anyway to change this?

Robert Dane

Re: Non listed instruments in the patch list

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Welllll.....hmmmm.....What kind of keyboard are you using?

Perhaps someone has some experience with the same equipment.

Re: Non listed instruments in the patch list

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I'm using a Yahama PSR-620.

I've tried experimenting with lots of things to try and get this to work properly.
By using the bank select menu I've managed to use my different drum kits through midi channel 10 by following the (very unclear) advice in my keyboard manual.
However I still can't get all voices to work how i want them to.

ie. I select violin (patch number 63 on my keyboard) from the list I created in nwcpatch.ini The sounds then comes out as Synth Brass. patch number 63 on the general midi list.

any more ideas. I'm still trying lots of differnt things out.

Re: Non listed instruments in the patch list

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I suspect that the PSR-620 works very similar to the PSR-520. We have a PSR-520 in our lab. Its MIDI implementation is a little bizarre, but actually is explained fairly completely in the manual. The PSR-520 will, by default, behave as a General MIDI (GM) synth on all MIDI channels. This means that only GM patches can be used. However, you can assign one MIDI channel as the incoming "Panel Mode Channel" which will then allow incoming MIDI to select the same instrument set as you can do yourself from the front panel. On the PSR-520, you do this as follows:

1) Goto the Function area, and select "OVERALL"
2) Goto the function titled "RemoteCh"
3) Set the channel to 01

Now, any staff that you use in NWC that is set to MIDI channel 1 can select instruments using the same numbers as are shown on your front panel display.

Be careful about the echo feature! By default, the PSR-520 seems to echo all MIDI commands sent fromthe "Panel Channel" back to its MIDI out port. If you also set NWC to echo its MIDI input to the output, you will set up an infinite loop scenario. On many of our test computers, this caused a system crash. You have been warned.

Re: Non listed instruments in the patch list

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Yes, I myself have a PSR-620 and have experienced the same stupid scenario!!!! Panel voices rule, and the GM sucks comparatively speaking. I can only use one panel voice in conjunction with the GM by Remote Channel in the Overall view. Guess this was the drawback of this early stages of the PSR Series. I now have the new PSR-550 with XG and can access all the panel voices just fine. If you have any further explination or insight on how to get my 620's panel voices activate when playing GM files, please e-mail me and let me know. Thanks, currently I am searching for the 620's Instrument Definition file (.ins). If you have it, please e-mail it to me, I am using Cakewalk Sonar in conjunction with my PSR keyboards.