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Accent and tenuto
Hi folks,

Is there a way to put the accent and tenuto symbols above the staff rather than just above the note (where they can easily disappear into the staff!). I've tried playing with the properties with no joy.
Thanks in advance
Oh and edit so they can be above/below!

Re: Accent and tenuto
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Place a  marker (key @)  before the note/chord - then select the box articulations.

Position the marker at the point where you want the articulations.


Re: Accent and tenuto
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Great - thanks Rich, I knew there had to be a way!


Re: Accent and tenuto
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"Above" and "Below" can also be controlled in a note's Notation Properties panel. Select the note, press <alt><enter>, and check the box labeled "use stem for articulations" to move the articulations to the stem side of the note; uncheck it to move them back to the head.

Re: Accent and tenuto
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Thank you.