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Latest update to NWC2
Having downloaded the latest up date to NWC2 it will not install; instead I get a message claiming that NWC2 is not installed on my PC. However, NWC2 is running perfectly well on my PC.
I have reinstalled NWC on to my drive but still get the same message, that it is either not installed or has been altered in some way. The only alterations have been the official updates.

Re: Latest update to NWC2
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It sounds like something has gone awry on your machine. Re-installing NWC (version 1) probably wouldn't fix this.

What I suggest you do if you have your NWC version 1.75 disk, is to install NWC 2 as if you were a new user.  That is, armed with your 1.75 disk, go to the beta enrollment area and redownload a complete NWC2.

If you do this, it will be as if you are installing NWC2 from new and you will get the latest version.

Whatever has gone wrong on your machine should be cured by this.


Re: Latest update to NWC2
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The update program uses the registry to find your installed copy of NWC2 (specifically, the uninstall area). If you manually move the NWC2 program files, then you must also update the registry if you expect things to work.

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Re: Latest update to NWC2
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Thank you for your advice; I will see how it works out.. The odd thing is that previious updates caused no problems.


Re: Latest update to NWC2
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If the previous updates worked, then something happened between then and now. There are two possibilities:

1) The NWC2 program files have been moved to a new folder, or

2) The uninstall section of the registry for NWC2 has been altered or removed

The easiest way to fix this condition is to start over, re-enrolling in the beta from:

Re: Latest update to NWC2
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I deleted all my Noteworthy files and started from scratch as suggested.  Intriguingly, when I  loaded the Noteworthy files on to my D drive, where there is plenty of room, I had the same response, that the program was not installed, when I tried to update. When I loaded on to my F drive, which is where my Windows is located, it worked, and I have the latest versionof NWC2.
I can of course copy all the  Noteworthy files on to my D drive, but it is not something  I would want to do every time there is an update.


Re: Latest update to NWC2
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Leave NWC versions 1 and 2 eactly where they are.

Make a directory on your D Drive for all of your NoteWorthy Files. In fact, perhaps make 2 - One for your your version 1 files and one for your version 2 files.


From NWC 2

Tools Options Folders  ---   Double click Song Files and then enter the full path to your NWC 2 directory on your D Drive.

From NWC 1   do the same except put the path to the version 1 files.

Having done that - close NWC and re-open.  If you now go to open a file - you will probably see no files at all in the directory. This proves that your change has worked.

Now from My Computer, move all your nwc files from your F drive to your D drive folders.

As long as you have the folders defined, then all of the upgrades will leave the folder definitions where they are and you should be OK to leave your NWC files on your D Drive no matter how many upgrades you go through. (I have a similar set up here so that all my nwc files are on a data drive which is more frequently backed up)

Tony - email me for more help if you want to.


Re: Latest update to NWC2
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Thanks once more. I will be looking at your advice in a day or so.


Re: Latest update to NWC2
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Using setup, you can install the NWC2 program files to any folder that you want, on any drive or partition. However, if you manually move the program files after the install, you will have to manually update various registry settings that also point to the old folder location.

Re: Latest update to NWC2
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Just to be clear - I wasn't suggesting moving the NWC program files only the nwc music (data) files.
And at that - making the change after the install !

Re: Latest update to NWC2
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It is something of a nuisance that so often Windows makes life diffcult if you want to have a program on other  than the drive where Windows is located!


Re: Latest update to NWC2
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NWC1 and NWC2 do not suffer from this problem. You can install them on any drive or partition that you want.