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Swing Tempo
Is there anyway to make the tempo swing? (two eigth notes tied = a quarter note and an eigth not tripled)

Also, is there anyway to make the notes smaller. Like for instance, I was writing a song that had two people in it. And there is a piano and a bass. I am writing the piano part. But I want to include the bass part in the piano line, but I don't want it to seem like its part of the piano part. So is there anyway to make the notes for the bass line smaller?

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As far as I know, no, there is no way to make a seperate part in the same score in smaller print.
As for the swing tempo, to my knowledge (which, admittedly, is quite small), the only way is to use a hidden staff.
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Re: Swing Tempo
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For NWC1, making notes smaller requires work-arounds.  If I had to make notes smaller, I'd make an invisible note, then mount a grace note to the invisible note on a separate staff, then layer the staves.  However, this will result in incorrect positioning.

In NWC2, you would use a note w/o notehead, and a reduced stem size, then attach a small note head from the NWC2STDA User Font.

See attached examples to see how they'd look.

Re: Swing Tempo
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I think what Metroid means is making the entire staff a smaller size, as shown in the attachment. I do not think there is a way to achieve this on NWC nor NWC2 beta.
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Re: Swing Tempo
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as archive said, I believe the only way to get that swing feel is to use a hidden staff. The visible staff would need to be muted. The hidden staff would be Identical to the original except wherever you had the tied eigth notes you would use an eigth and a quater note tripiitized
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Re: Swing Tempo
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A quick & dirty swing:
  • Use a Tempo track. Make the Tempo: Quarter = x
  • Fill it with Quarter Rests and Bars.
  • Before each rest, insert a fermata with Delay (in sixteenth notes) = 2
  • Change the tempo to: Quarter Dotted = x

This is dirty because:
  • Fermatas won't Export (save) to MIDI
  • There will be places you won't want swung, e.g. triplets.

Even quicker is to use a single fermata/rest pair wrapped in a Local Repeat with Repeat Count = 250
very dirty ...
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Re: Swing Tempo
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Might I also suggest you look at:

These describe using tempo MPC's which will export to MIDI..

Also on the Scripto:
specifically: - gives a bunch of predefined tempo tracks for different base tempos - Thankyou Milton - gives a spreadsheet to calculate alternatives not included in the above... - Thankyou Geoff Walker (and Marsu)

As Rick says, there are places you don't want swung - this just takes a little more effort and fiddling with MPC's as well as counting bars to stop and then restart the swinging repeats in the right places...  OR you could do what I've done sometimes and had a hidden, sounding staff where the notes values are modified to compensate in the few spots I needed to play it straight ;)

And to top it off what's a swing chart without a swing symbol.  You know; 2 quavers = crotchet/quaver triplet...

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Re: Swing Tempo
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Re: Swing Tempo
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K.A.T., I have to say I like your method even better than what I used in the pre-set jazz tempo tracks ( I made.  I downloaded one of your pieces and looked at the tempo track, certainly a more elegant solution and one for any tempo, not just the spaced tempo ranges in my tempo tracks.  It also should make it through MIDI export-import since it has no fermati.

Re: Swing Tempo
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G'day K.A.T.,
just had a better look at your method and I agree with Milton.  It is neat, elegant and easier to calculate (read "no calculation necessary" - always a bonus).

Good one!.
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Re: Swing Tempo
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Thanks for the compliments, guys (Ooooh, "elegant").
The "no calculation necessary" angle was what I was going for.
Glad I could help.

I downloaded one of your pieces...
Which piece would that be, Milton?

Re: Swing Tempo
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K. A. T., I can't find it on the Scriptorium or the Community by searching, and the Info sheet in the NWC file doesn't list a composer, but I think this is yours, a jazz arrangement of Pagannini's 24th Caprice.  I would attach it to this post, but I don't see a way to do that.  Perhaps my membership doesn't allow me that option.

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If it did come from the Scripto, then it's Josh who did it.
In the file info, if it talks about measure 81, then it is this one.


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Richard, that's the one.  The filename is: pagcap24jazz[1].nwc.  It uses the same technique that K. A. T. describes.

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I didn't remember having posted any files to the Scriptorium or anywhere else.
You had me going for a bit...


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Wow, that's an awful lot of ways...
I stand corrected.
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