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Greetings, Anne-Sophie again !!
Hello people, it's me again!

I've read all your notes to my forum's message 'Noteworthy Source-Code !!',
and first of all I want to establish, that I'am not interested in
Noteworthy Composer's source code (Copyright!). My statement,
mentioned above, was only a stimulation for you, but the
'Upper Language Extension' was actually meant.

I don't believe, that all users are completely satisfied with NWC as they state.
Many unrealized wishes and critics, which you can read in the Forum, prove that.
The main critics are, that NWC does'nt implement basic features eg. n-tuplets,
multiple voices in one system, a.s.o. Why does'nt Noteworthy
behaves a little bit like a word processor, when you think
about the edit functions, for example why is it not possible
to copy/paste/insert in more than one staff at once?
Inserting empty bars in all staffs individually is like a punishment, isn't it?

Maybe your ideas will come true, but in how many years, if at all?

Best regards, Anne-Sophie

In spite of all, I don't doubt Noteworthy is a good program
(especially because of it's price), but I think it's a little bit
exaggerated to make an ideology out of it. Finally I didn't intend
to offend anybody of the users and of Noteworthy.

Re: Greetings, Anne-Sophie again !!
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No offense taken. We are all frustrated by some obviously missing features. Unfortunately each person's obvious missing features are different. We may have to wait months or years for what we want, but releasing source code or diverting effort to release an interface or macro language will mean we wait even longer. Meanwhile what he have now is quite usable.

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Re: Greetings, Anne-Sophie again !!
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(judging by the apostrophes, I think I know who this 'guy' is.)



Re: Greetings, Anne-Sophie again !!
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May I suggest you send your wish list in the usual way to NWC. If users then feel implementation is too slow I suggest we offer to contribute to the cost of development by paying for the up-grades.

Re: Greetings, Anne-Sophie again !!
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Liebe Anne-So,
Warum läßt du nicht deine e-mail Adresse wenn du eine neue Message einfangst ?
Dann würdest du wissen wenn jemand antwort... Sehr angenehm.

Well, that's said, I think you see us NWC users as people adorating their God and praying He realizes their dream.
As you do a parallel between word-processor and NWC, I'd like to say that if NWC becomes as complex as µ$oftWord or others, I'm sure that many users will let NW go its own way alone --without them. If we want a complete software, we already can find many --with at bad hotline, no discussion a.s.o. (and so on).
You want to do the same insert into multi-staves simultaneously ? I do this since more than 2 years (to create fugues à la J.S.Bach) with one keystroke. Use your brains and MacroRecorder (one of the 2 good programs µ$ ever sold : that one and FlightSimulator III) and you'll do much things that you still cannot imagine.

What misses in NWC is, as you state it, n-uplets, but also some "word-processing" facilities such as Search, Replace. If you need it, add it to the wishlist. As I did. And if enough people ask for it, Eric will do it asap. But he's the sole captain aboard.
If you really think that NWC should be done like a "stone-soup-group-software" (take a look at FractInt rather than Linux), then a better way would be that Eric give us programmers the way to implement plug-ins. That way each plug-in has its own author which is responsible of bugs... And the nightmare may start.

I do not say that NWC is the best ever-written program. But it is a _good_ one. I did a notator (under DOS at that time) myself and this one is really clever, easy-to-use, consistant (except 789 instead of 879 for alterations maybe) and... evolutive. No matter the price. Many of NWC users have also used other notators. Don't you wonder why ?
Well, anyway, if you have good ideas that you know how to implement (in C++ or whatever), you could submit it to Eric :-)

P.S. to 'X' : I only read "does'nt" once, and it came from someone from .nz... I guess it ain't the same person.

Viel Spaß


Re: Greetings, Anne-Sophie again !!
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I think Noteworthy can be thought of as a word processor for music, while programs like Finale and Encore are more like desktop publishers - unintuitive, difficult to use, but powerful. There was a time when serious work was only done with desktop publishers, and word processors were cute toys for beginners. Well, the word processors grew up, and have pushed DTP aside. I think the same thing will happen with music notators. Whether Noteworthy grows up and takes over, or stagnates and withers away remains to be seen. I am not sure how much further one guy can take it, as good as it has been so far.