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Exclude From Bar Count (NWC2 feature)

After many wishes, some control over bar numbering was added to NWC2, Beta 2.0 (ca. July 2006)  A checkbox was added to Barline properties called Exclude From Bar Count

If you use this feature, normally you will want to check not only the top staff, but all staves directly under it.  (Like the way you do special endings). If you don't:

  • Goto Measure (ctrl G) will take you different places depending on the staff the cursor is on.
  • Measure numbers will not match if you extract parts.

But this also lets you set up a staff to make jumps easier.  If, for example, on the bottom staff you exclude all bars except the system breaks, Goto Measure will take you to the section #.  If you have a piece with sections, excluding all bars except the first bar in each section will allow you to jump easily to any section.
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