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Wrong Key result after importing of Midi file

On the WWW I recently found the midi file I was looking for and imported it into NWC (v. 1.75). I saved it as a nwc file, made changes in the file, etcetera. Later I found out that the song had the wrong Key. C maj instead of F maj. All B flats appeared to be A sharps.
Did I forget to make the right decisions in the import menu? If not, is there a remedy or an easy way to correct this? Who can help me?



Re: Wrong Key result after importing of Midi file

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A lot of folks who create MIDI files that you find on the web don't do so using notation programs.  They usually use a piano roll application and really just care about the note, not the notation.  So an Eb is just an E-flat to them; whereas in notation, we might have the E-flat in the key signature and it just shows the E on the staff (but we know it's E-flat, because of the key signature).  Many MIDI files on the web are in the key of C, because they just don't bother (they can set the key, but many don't).

That being said, just insert the correct key signature at the beginning of the staff (F major), then select "Tools, Audit Accidentals".  You'll have to do that for each staff.

For the A-sharps that should be B-flats, select "Tools, Audit Enharmonic" spellings.  You may also need to select "Tools, Transpose" and select "0" (zero).

See if this works for you.