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I've downloaded this program.  How does it work?

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nwc2xml or xml2nwc ?

MXML2NWC is the file name of a program called MusicXML but you seem to be asking about a converter that goes from nwc to xml.

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Yes.  It's the one James Lee offered a while back that is supposed to convert nwc to xml. The other one works fine for me.

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Glad I didn't give you a full explanation of the XML to NWC - I actually wrote it before noticing I had misread your question.  Sorry I can't be of assistance.

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It's cool.  I heard from James Lee himself. He got some old files of mine to work, as the prog.  he's written doesn't do NWC2 (he doesn't have it). It's a bit vexing: the powers that be ought to give him one, as he'd be  performing a great service in developing an nwc2xml program.

Supposed to snow here tomorrow.  This, after being as warm as 25 Celsius on Monday.