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Noteworthy Player-Printer? Portable Scores

I am generating scores for people, but do not want them to
have to incur any additional expense to use them.
NoteWorthy Player is great for listeners--and the
price is perfect--but doesn't have "print" capability. NWC
is very reasonably priced for developers, but is more than
I want users to pay... Copying and pasting into
$hundreds-of-dollars MS-Word, or even Word Perfect,
are right out. Bitmaps chew up disk space, and don't
print beautifully like NWC does...

What is the recommended way to generate good-quality,
portable scores generated by NWC?

Re: Noteworthy Player-Printer? Portable Scores

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One way is to include an evaluation copy of NoteWorthy Composer with each score - that's the shareware way.
If the people agree with you - that it is the best notator for the least cost available anywhere - how could they resist registering.
Particularly when they get an added bonus of being able to create their own scores.

Re: Noteworthy Player-Printer? Portable Scores

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But, alas! I think the evaluation version has "Unregistered Copy of Noteworthy Composer" or something like that, doesn't it? (It HAS been a long time since I registered).

As suggested elsewhere, you could save page by page (using copy off the print preview dialog) and paste the copied results into a drawing program, then saving the file as a windows metafile. I believe Win 95 will print these directly from Explorer, though I may be wrong.

Not much solid advice there, but holefully it'll get you on the way to where you want to go.


Re: Noteworthy Player-Printer? Portable Scores

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Andrew, Barry, Stephen,
The way Barry indicated is good. In my memory, the unregisted scores were printed with text "Unregistered NoteWorthy Composer Score Print" added to each staff (somewhat above), and (c) info replaced by its'. This was true in 1.10 version, now I just checked (to try, rename %Windows%\NWRgstry.ini to _*.*) with an unregistered version.
In case of a registered-user score, it prints normally.
In case of a self-created (so unreg'd) score, it adds the stuff I mentioned plus an order form first.

So if Stephen wants to distribute scores (as a reg'd user himself), he can just send along NWCSetup along. Users will be able to print any reg'd-user score as a reg'd user, but not for theirs.

Stephen, just have a try with (copyright Dominique Portier (me) (I did it by ear, so do not claim if you find errors in it. I still work on it btw).


Re: Noteworthy Player-Printer? Portable Scores

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I would suggest that is a good way as well, however it would be good to add a little encouragement for the user to register the program. Surely the 40 odd dollars for the program isn't too much to ask, (unless you are charging an unbelieveable amount for the scores:-)

Re: Noteworthy Player-Printer? Portable Scores

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I'm not planning to charge anything for the scores. If my
target user was someone who wanted to hear the music, I would
give them NWP [and, of course, a well-deserved plug for NWC]
with the files. They could listen to anything free...This
may be the most common user for most developers.

But my target is someone who would occasionally print a few
copies and have a group sing from them. This they cannot do
free: NWC allows 30 days free use, which might be a couple
of uses. After that, ethically speaking, they must pay.

And I do not want to require anyone to spend money to use
my work.

Re: Noteworthy Player-Printer? Portable Scores

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Oops. Completely forgot the 30days limit. But its soooo long I reg'd... I ain't even sure that the limit existed at that time. Guess so though.
However, is it 30 calendar days or 30 *different* days using it ? In the latter case that would mean at least 30 printouts :-) surely enough, ain't it ?

But what you could do is to add this to the wish list : a NWPrinter as there is a NWPlayer :-)

NWCly yours

Re: Noteworthy Player-Printer? Portable Scores

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Seems to me there's an important point being overlooked here! Most unregistered programs (not just music notators)don't allow print or save at all. Noteworthy Artware are extremely enlightened in allowing this, even more so in not defacing printouts - other notators scatter unregistered messages all over the place. 30 days free trial is enough time for someone to print out thousands of copies if they so wished. Software of the standard of NWC takes countless hours of work to design and program - I don't think we should take it for granted!

Re: Noteworthy Player-Printer? Portable Scores

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I think NoteWorthy should consider an additional version that prints. Consider Adobe Acrobat - the creators buy the writer, and everyone else can get a free version that prints.

Heh. And NoteWorthy would have a trio then:
printer / writer