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I am making a piece of music and whenever I hit the play
button, the program stops responding, I get the hourglass
and my screen freezes with:
"Compiling . . ." at the bottom
I am getting very, very frustrated.
If you want to check the file, I've uploaded it to:
(case sensitive)

thanks in advance

Re: Compiling?

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This is a bug, but you can easily avoid it. Goto bar 26 (Ctrl+G, then type 26 and press enter). Insert a "Local Repeat Open" bar line somewhere after the previous "Local Repeat Close (3)" bar. This tells the repeat at the end of bar 30 where to repeat back to in the staff.

We will add preventative measures into the next release of NWC such that the computer lockup for such a long time is avoided.

I hope this helps in your evaluation.