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Midi import problem

I got an e-mail from a friend that contains a midi  file and I'm trying to import it into NWC, but everytime I try I get a message saying

Exception detected

INT-DIVIDE-BY-ZERO in module NWC32.exe at 0001:00069ced

The file is coming from Finale and I need to import the file to NWC. Any suggestions?

Re: Midi import problem

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G'day Zac,
is it actually a MIDI file or is it a Finale file?  If the latter then NWC can't open it.  If the former, then I suggest it probably has a "glitch" in it.

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Re: Midi import problem

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If you have Finale, export it as a midi, and then open that in NWC.

You will find you've lost the key signatures and transpositions, but at least you won't have to notate all the notes, just move them around a bit.

I didn't particularly enjoy the process, but it's doable.

Re: Midi import problem

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The next version of NWC2 will add an immunity to this issue.