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Using NW with Kompakt

I'm planning to get the Kompakt soft sampler from NativeInstruments.
Will Noteworthy be able to use it ?


Re: Using NW with Kompakt

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Well, I tried a demo of Kontakt 2, the Kompakt's elder brother, and there's no direct mean to make NWC play through it.

After long hours of searching, I came across "MIDI Yoke NT" (, and it does the job. Just have to choose  "MIDI Yoke NT : 1" as the midi port, in both NWC and Kontakt.

By the way, there's a free alternative to Kontakt / Kompakt and other soft samplers, which produces a good General Midi installation (far better than a basic sound card) :

"Tobybear MiniHost" for the VST host (

+ "rgc:audio sfz" for the sample player. Don't forget to set the chanel 10 to bank 128. (

+ "Titanic" for the GM sound set. 250 Mb ! (, 4 .rar to download),
or "Air Font GM-GS" (

+ "MIDI Yoke NT" to link NWC to sfz.

Sounds a bit complex, but not too hard to install (when you have this recipe, of course ;-)