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Letter-head notes and labeled notes in NWC2

NWC2 supports "invisible" note-heads. One application for this useful feature is to place text at the location where a note-head would normally be found, for decorative purposes.

The "NoteHedz" font was specifically designed with this in mind. In the upper code locations (accessible from a character map), there are a variety of note-heads scaled and positioned to coordinate with the NWC2 staff positions. Among these are note-heads with alphabet letters A-G enclosed. Version 1.0 of NoteHedz only had the letters white-on-black, but the new version 1.50 also has black-on-white, as well as a larger size compatible with whole notes, and also some circles.

I created some Javascript pages that will alter NWC2 music clips, to automate the use of alternative note-heads. These work outside NWC2. They may be used to change the appearance of music, just before printing. However, they should not be used on your iriginal files, or on music that is not finished. The pages have been delivered to the Scriptorium, and should be there sometime in October 2005.