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David, you rascal! I thought I was going to earn the nonsense award, and by more than a noselength.
You're way out of sight, now.

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Rob, noselength is definitely a consideration in deciding on a CPAP setup.

(I can't comment on round notes, but I like Pat's website.)

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Using NoteHedz font version 1.70 (not earlier), size same as staff size in pixels, Color7=white:

Code: [Select · Download]
My previous demo scripts haven't yet been updated to include the feature for whiting-out the background of open circles that cross staff lines. The letters are optional.

Re: round notes

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Hi All,
Hope you all haven't given me up for lost.

Sorry I haven't been able to get back to you all sooner but...
spent a couple of days in the hospital, and then needed to tear my 'puter apart and put in a new motherboard and memory (music notation, graphics, etc., use up lots of memory).  Then between company, friends 'puter problems, new medication problems, etc., it's been impossible to get in any time on my computer.

I'm still plugging along here attempting to get everything going.


Trying to get back up to speed here, so please forgive me...
What do I do with the program you sent with your last message?

I used the noteworthy replace you had posted to your website and it worked perfectly. I'm thinking that it's no longer available on your web site?


Glad you like the our site. Hopefully we'll be adding a few things, like the pics of our instruments real soon.

As to your Cpap, they have recently come out with a new mask. Hubby has a Muller nose (big) which all the offspring and a their offspring, etc., have inherited. If you haven't checked with your supplier recently, you might want to. First time we were able to get one large enough.  Also, there is some kind of a clip you can get for the oxygen tubing so you can clip the tubing to the side of your bed and it will stay within reach.  With a little tweeking, you can attach it with a wire tie, or zip strip to the hose on your Cpap. Then clip it to your blanket or your shirt and it will take the weight of the hose off your facemask.  Hope this helps.


Thanks for the assist. everything worked wonderfully when I did as you said.

Thanks again to all of you for your gracious assistance.

Hope no one is in the hurricane zones!

Take care.

Have a happy day,
Pat Muller

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A finished version of what you need has been sent to the Scriptorium. The Scritorium administrator is on vacation, so the files haven't been posted yet - maybe not for another couple of weeks.

It's no longer on my web site (just the font).

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Hi Robert,

Thanks for your quick reply.  Worked like a charm. Great noteheads.  The finished product takes less time to complete thanks to you. I'll keep checking the scriptorium till the progam is uploaded.

Have a wonderful day,
Pat Muller

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G'day Pat,
its good to see you back on deck...  Glad things are working for you.

I plays 'Bones, crumpets, coronets, floosgals, youfonymums 'n tubies.

Re: round notes

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The font and supporting scripts (Javascript web pages) are at the Scriptorium now.

Re: round notes

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[ Pat ]
> As things stand now, I have to Convert the noteworthy
> music to a jpg, load the jpeg into paint, darken notes,
> legs, staff, slur lines, etc.., then I separate the music into
> 3 to 4 measures per [...]

If you use all those different programs, you might want to take a look at IrfanView, which not only can mass convert images, it also has some nice editing capabilities you can do at the same time as you convert the images.

It will perhaps cut the number of steps down quite a bit. It can, for instance, directly open the *.emf images from NWC. Some programs can't.

And BTW, it's freeware, so it'll cost you nothing to use.