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High CPU Usage

I've started using NWC 1.75b on my new 3Ghz, 1GB, WinXP computer. When I playback the CPU usage goes >50% for NWC. This is a major problem 'cause I'm using it in conjunction with Emulator X which is known to be a resource hog.

This seems strange because i used to run v 1.5 on my Win95 machine, which didn't have anywhere near the resources that my new machine has, yet it ran O.K.

Any ideas on why NWC 1.75b's CPU usage is so high?


Re: High CPU Usage

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Hi Rich,
I'm out of time at the moment or I'd look for the links, but there is discussion on that very topic elsewhere, either on this forum or on the NG - not sure which.

Try doing a search from the Search field at the top right of this page or the search link from the links at top centre - they are subtly different searches I believe.

IIRC it's something to do with the note chasing and has been altered in NWC2...

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Re: High CPU Usage

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The note chasing is what is causing the high CPU usage.  I play NWC and all my MIDI apps through a Yamaha SoftSynth, and even though softsynths typically take up much CPU power, when using the Yamaha alone to play a MIDI file the CPU usage is typically below 25%.  If I turn off the note-chasing in NWC the CPU usage is similar to running the Yamaha alone.

Re: High CPU Usage

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Milton is correct. NWC2 includes a new play method that reduces CPU load. In NWC1, you can turn off the note chase feature from Tools, Options, Editor, Chase playing notes in order to reduce CPU load.