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Hm... in one of the sample pieces...
In the sample piece entitled "MOONLITE" (which I happen to really like... sorry if it's a totally obvious classical piece), trills are evident.  All over the piece.  How might I go about inserting a trill into my own piece, if possible?  Thanks.  =)

Re: Hm... in one of the sample pieces...
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You can use the multipoint controller feature (see drop down Insert menu) but it's complicated.

An easier way is to use a hidden staff.  In the visible one, mute the note you want to trill.  In the hidden staff, place a series of alternating notes - normally one whole tone.  So if you were trilling a whole note G, you'd write a bar with alternating G and A 8th notes or 16ths, or whatever gives you the effect you want.  You'll want to begin and end on G, of course.

Staff properties for both staffs should have the same instrument choice.